Care Guide

If your gates, shutters, trim... is getting dirty follow these suggestions to make them look like new!


We use a special type of plastic that does not let anything adhere to it. This makes it very easy to clean almost anything off including paint, grass stains, or any growth of any kind.

Pressure Washing

We always recommend pressure washing our products if they get dirty. This will typically get all or most of the dirty/stained area clean. Start with warm water and if that does not work then try adding some dish soap in the water (we do not recommend using abrasive cleaning solutions). Do not put the nozzle of the pressure washer closer than 8"-12" from the product, this could cause un-needed wear and tear.


If pressure washing doesn't work, then try scrubbing your product with a dishwashing scrub pad, soft bristled brush, or a rag. Use dishwashing soap in warm water and scrub the stained area. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it off.